KSI’s victory by KO over Joe Fournier is in jeopardy after an illegal elbow

EXCLUSIVE: KSI’s knockout victory over Joe Fournier was in JEOPARDY as authorities plan to review fight footage of an illegal attachment by the YouTube star at Wembley Arena

  • The YouTube star snubbed Fournier when the two met up at Wembley Arena
  • However, the win was called into question after replays showed an illegal elbow
  • Boxing authorities will review the fight footage to reach a decision

KSI’s victory over Joe Fournier has been jeopardized as boxing authorities prepare to review footage of the fight after the YouTube star appeared to land an illegal elbow on his opponent, the Mail Sport understands.

‘The Nightmare’ continued his rise through the cross-cutting boxing scene with a violent second round knockout on his 40-year-old counterpart, in front of the OVO Arena Wembley.

However, footage of the fight’s final exchanges seemed to show KSI illegally landing on his opponent, which in turn caused him to collapse to the canvas and unable to get up.

The Mail Sport understands that boxing authorities will now review the footage to verify the elbow seen and then make a decision.

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The incident occurred in the second round of the fight, shortly after KSI landed a huge uppercut right that sent Fournier tripping backwards.

KSI’s knockout victory was jeopardized after replays appeared to show the YouTube star landing an illegal elbow on his opponent

The Nightmare sent Joe Fournier to the canvas in the second round of the match

The Nightmare sent Joe Fournier to the canvas in the second round of the match

Fournier described the incident as:

Fournier described the incident as “clear elbow” and called for the decision to be overturned

‘The Nightmare’ moved to land the finishing jab but missed with a right hook and appeared to grab his opponent with a nasty elbow.

KSI quickly started the fight, immediately tagging Fournier with a right hand. Fourier found himself on the canvas in the opening round, and although it was only a slip, it was due to pressure and there were the warning signs.

Fournier then got off to a better start in the second round, but was soon on the canvas after a right-hand clubbing, which ended the fight in one instance. As noted, though, replays indicated it was not a legal shot.

KSI seemed unaware that he had been shooting illegally, saying after the fight: ‘I hit him hard. He was dazed and impulsive, trying to hold on to me for dear life.

On the other hand, Fournier had a different view on things. Speaking to the Mail Sport, he said: “I know you’re fighting for promotion, I know maybe the judges are in their favour, bFor the reference to leave an obvious elbow… it’s been replayed a million times around the world.

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Obvious elbow and then they count me on the elbow. Should be excluded. This should be a clear win for me.

Long-term British competitor and fellow influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul immediately voiced his opinion on the incident on his social media accounts, calling for his disqualification.

Paul, who lost by split decision against Tommy Fury in February, wrote: “I respect boxing a lot and I don’t respect what it was. If this was indeed a real boxing match, it would be ruled a no contest or disqualification.

Fury was present at the event and was quick to get into the ring after KSI’s win, as talks of a fight between the two began to heat up.

KSI's long-term rival Jake Paul was quick to suggest 'no competition, no disqualification'

KSI’s long-term rival Jake Paul was quick to suggest ‘no competition, no disqualification’

Fournier was sent to the canvas after being shot by KSI in the second round

Boxing authorities will now review footage from the fight and verify the illegal strike

Boxing authorities will now review footage from the fight and verify the illegal strike

Earlier in the night, KSI’s younger brother, Deji, was in the act, with rapper Swarmz as main support.

The Briton gave perhaps the best performance of his career, smoothing his way to a unanimous decision victory.

And before that, in one of the most eagerly awaited installments of the night, Salt Papi – a favorite among Misfits fans – underwent his toughest test yet against former MMA fighter Anthony Taylor.

The social media star was somewhat exposed, however, and fell short, losing for the first time as Taylor claimed a well-deserved unanimous decision win.

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