Taylor Swift's song “1989 (Taylor's Version)” is still selling big two months after its release

When it comes to albums and pure sales in America, most artists are hoping to see their new releases debut at a huge amount, as they are sure to drop in the next few weeks. This is how most people consume music these days. The vast majority of titles can't continue to sell well after a few frames – that's of course with the exception of Taylor Swift.

pop star's latest collection, 1989 (Taylor version), bucks this trend. Not only are re-recordings still selling well, they're outpacing all the best-sellers in the country, and by a significant margin – even though they've been out of commission for a long time.

In its ninth week on the top album sales list advertisements board Weekly ranking of the country's best-selling titles, 1989 (Taylor version) He got another number one role. The complete product ranks as the top-selling product in the country for the fourth time, and it's not even close.

With two months on the Top Album Sales chart, 1989 (Taylor version) It sold another 60,688 copies, according to numbers shared by Luminate. That's easily enough to make it the best-selling title in the country… though just this time Swift was competing with herself.

The No. 2 title on this week's Top Album Sales chart also comes from Swift. Singer Drop 2022 midnight He remains in the runner-up position, but he did not make a real match for the top. In the last tracking period, midnight It sold just under 24,000 copies.

1989 (Taylor version) It has sold very well in the latest tracking period, even surpassing projects No. 2 and 3 on this week's top album sales chart combined. In addition to midnight Sitting at No. 2, Stray Kids 5 stars It rises to number three with nearly 23,000 copies purchased. 1989 (Taylor version) It outsold those two efforts, with almost enough room to also include the No. 4 best-selling book – which is also by Swift.

It's almost unheard of these days for an album to sell 60,000 copies after about two months of being available. Very few releases can come close to managing that kind of exposure at any given time, even during the particularly busy and lucrative holiday shopping season. In fact, the majority of new shows, even from stars, can't reach that number within their debut, let alone weeks afterward.

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