Just got the bones …

In 2008, the uncle and aunt of Jerome Della-Longa, 20 at the time, announced the disappearance of their son-in-law, who was temporarily living with them. Arbelin, Jerome had no permanent shelter and wandered between the homes of his family members.

But one day he left without warning and did not return. Despite some research at the time, Jerome Della-Longa was not discovered. Provence says his name does not even appear in the missing persons file.

We had no information until Tuesday. The day he saw the body of a white Peugeot 205, a young man taking a shortcut in a tree below Departmental 111 near Saint-Croix-du-Verdon.

Inside, the bones. They all claim to belong to that young man. Although it took several months for investigations to confirm that it was indeed Jerome, the car was registered in his name and found in the mail vehicle sent to him.

An investigation has been launched. The preferred route is a road accident.

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