Selfie crashes are on the rise: Frequent occurrences here

Ankara University student fell from a train while trying to photograph the landscape. In order to take a better shot, the young man opened the door of the wagon and lost his balance and fell down. The incident took place on the famous Eastern Express tourist train connecting the country from west to east, from Ankara station to Cars station. According to the Turkish media, the Eastern Express is increasingly popular with students, tourists and influencers. Therefore, some people have demanded that such an incident should be avoided in the future.

This accident is far from an isolated incident. According to an article in FigaroA Spanish epidemiological study shows that 379 people have died in photography around the world since 2008. The study points out that there have been 31 such catastrophic accidents since the beginning of 2021, indicating a clear upward trend.

Most deaths were caused by falls (216 deaths out of 379). Car accidents and drowning incidents are also numerous. This was followed by more unusual but less dramatic accidents involving the use of firearms (24) and incidents involving electric shocks and wildlife attacks (17).

The vast majority of victims are tourists and young people, with an average age of 24.4 years. 41% of the victims were young people under 19 years of age. To get their statistics, the researchers compiled all the events that have been published in magazines or news outlets since 2008. Deaths not reported in the media are not taken into account, which suggests that the number of victims is actually higher.

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