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Jeff Franklin, creator Full houselooks back on how the show began and recalls a moment when John Stamos nearly quit the series.

The writer, producer, and director appeared on the first episode of Dave Coulier’s new podcast, Full House Rewindwhich they dedicated to the late Bob Saget.

While talking about the show’s first schedule read with the cast, Franklin noted that there was “a room full of studio and network executives and everyone that could be in there. They were all there to see Stamos, I think.”

But Franklin stated, “Judy [Sweetin] They just stole it all” with humor, which he said left Stamos upset because he feared younger stars would steal the spotlight.

Collier ringing and he remembers “going out with John” after that when Queens exclaims The actor told him, “The whole show is going to be for her. We can’t do this.”

Franklin added that he learned “much later” that Stamos was actually “so upset about having to play second fiddle to these really funny kids that he went out and called his agent and said, ‘That’s wrong. ‘” Get me out of this show. “

But the show’s creator said he eventually “come to terms with the fact that he’s working with kids and animals and just being upstairs.” Which finally succeeded since the sitcom became a huge hit, running for eight seasons from 1987 to 1995. The show also scored a rebound in 2016 with Fuller Housewhich was also created by Franklin.

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Stamos played Uncle Jesse on the show, along with Saget, Coulier, Sweetin, Candace Cameron Bure, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen and Lori Loughlin.

Later during the podcast episode, Franklin also explained how the fan-favorite trio, Danny, Jesse, and Joey, appeared since John Posey was initially cast as Danny Tanner in the pilot episode.

Franklin explained that Saget was always at the top of his list for the role of a father, but he was unavailable at the time the show began filming.

Then, when his schedule suddenly opens up, Franklin decides to put a “secret chemistry test” on the 1980s sitcom Complete strangerswith Saget, Coulier, and Stamos, so he “had something to show people because Bob wasn’t an actor either. He did a few guest spots, but he wasn’t really an actor and he wasn’t Bob Saget yet.”

Although he said it was “difficult” to “break John Posey’s heart” in addition to spending about $1 million to reshoot the pilot, Franklin knew after testing the chemistry that Saget was meant to lead the Tanner family.

He added, “I’ve had this instinct, from the beginning, that Bob could be one of those classic TV dads.” “I just fought for it as hard as I could. I said, ‘That will make the show so much better. We have to do this.’ It took a lot of convincing and finally they said OK.”

Hollywood Reporter Stamos’ rep has reached out for comment.

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