Will my package be delivered during the UPS strike?

If represents the approximately 340,000 UPS employees International Brotherhood of Teamsters If you decide to leave the job at the beginning of next month, you may experience longer wait times for packages and higher prices for the items you purchase.

Teamsters Federation has been in Ongoing labor dispute with UPS managementAnd if they don’t reach an agreement by Aug. 1, the UPS workers represented by the task force members will go on strike.

For people who shop online, buy or count on supplies in bulk UPS For shipping goods for commercial purposes, a strike can be devastating. Here’s what you need to know about the impact a potential strike will have on you.

How will the UPS strike affect package delivery?

The UPS strike could complicate the lives of online shoppers and small business owners, who depend on packages shipped to them.

Not only will this complicate shipping matters, but it will also complicate returns to merchants, According to Forbes magazine.

Products can arrive later than expected and shipping costs may rise as a result of a shortage of labor available to handle the workload.

How do you prepare for a potential UPS strike?

Although there is no way to completely avoid a strike, there are steps your family can take to reduce the potential impact of a strike on package delivery:

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