Jennifer Lawrence Says She’s ‘Nervous’ To Work With Cast – The Hollywood Reporter

Every actor has their own unique acting techniques, but for Jennifer Lawrence, there’s one in particular that makes her totally freaked out.

During an interview on Thursday’s episode hotthe No hard feelings The star was asked about the difficulties she might face when working with someone who has a different kind of acting setup.

“I would be nervous to work with someone who is a style [acting]Because I would have no idea how to talk to them,” she replied. “Because like, do I have to be personal? That would make me nervous.”

Across the industry, style acting has continued to be a hotly debated topic, with people on both sides supporting and opposing it. Several actors have also been vocal about their opinions, including Andrew Garfield and Jeremy Strong, who have indulged in the immersive casting approach to roles, as well as Brian Cox, who has publicly expressed his disapproval.

As for her own ways of getting into character, Lawrence details how her techniques have changed throughout her career and credits an Academy Award-winning actor with giving her a fresh take.

“I was always on/off/off until I did this American extortion And I worked with Christian Bale, who I noticed when the camera started rolling and the crew started prepping and it would take about 10 seconds, [Bale] said the actress. “I saw it and said, ‘Sounds like a really good idea.'” Then I started doing it.

Lawrence has been making her name in Hollywood for the past decade, with her starring roles hunger Games franchise, Winter BonesAnd American extortionAnd X-Men franchise, do not searchAnd the mom! And silver linings playbookWhich earned her an Oscar for Best Leading Actress.

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Later during the interview, Lawrence was also asked about the skills she learned for the roles that carried over into her daily life.

I learned how to open locks red sparrow. I haven’t used it, but to know I can be great,” she jokes, before adding that she also learned how to hold a falcon for Serena.

lawrence latest movies, No hard feelingsin theaters on June 23.

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