“It’s an extraordinary day”: Prime Minister-elect Donald Tusk leads the pro-European coalition

The national conservatives of PiS (Law and Justice) will have played to the end, but Donald Tusk will have ascended to the head of the Polish administration this Monday, December 11 evening.

After the October 15 parliamentary elections, it took nearly two months for the three major winning political groups, the anti-democratic and the left-to-center-right swing, to elect their candidate, Donald Tusk, for prime minister. Minister.. Out of 460 seats won by the Democratic Opposition last fall, 248 delegates placed their trust in him.

“It’s an Extraordinary Day”Donald Tusk told the assembly on Monday. “Let’s Fix Everything Together Tomorrow”, he promised. The new prime minister will present her public policy speech this Tuesday, as well as her government, which must be approved by parliament.

In Poland, restoring the rule of law promises to be difficult

Return after the European bracket

Earlier on Monday, outgoing Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, vainly invested by President Andrzej Duda with the aim of forming a new government, did not receive the desired confidence vote.

Donald Tusk, 66, a prominent figure in Polish politics and prime minister from 2007 to 2014, will have won his bid to return to politics in his country after stepping down as president of the European Council between 2014 and 2019. A diversion extended to Brussels 2021, and many criticized him within his own camp, while the national conservative BIS won the 2015 and 2019 parliamentary elections.

From Kashubia, west of GdaƄsk, with a distinct identity and language, the sixty-year-old remains a divisive politician. His opponents within PiS, but also a section of the Polish left, criticize him for an ultra-liberal economic policy undertaken at a time when Poland was riding a wild economic boom. According to a recent survey by the daily Rzeczpospolita31% of Poles say they have a positive opinion of him, and 41% of them believe that Donald Tusk will be a “bad” prime minister or that he will be “disastrous.”

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“We are giving him an opportunity, it is the rejection of PiS politics, its lies, that unites us, and I believe that no Pole will want to return to that”, explains 17-year-old high school student Jan Szarzynski, who decided to spend three hours of his evening in a large theater in the capital, Warsaw. According to him, the legalization of abortion is one of the priorities. The vote promises to be tough, with the ruling coalition vowing to split on the issue.

Then, Donald Tusk’s future government will have to rely on the president’s potential veto on future burning issues – of which abortion is a part – elected from PiS, but on the budget, re-establishing the rule of law, politicizing the public media or even releasing the post-Covid 19 rescue fund from the European Union, the rule of law. Poland lost for the breach.

Polish democracy won

fresh air

However, the change is being felt in the lower house, where its new president, Simone Holonia, a former TV star, is breaking popularity records. On the first day of the new assembly, the elected official broke the ban on citizens protesting under PiS. At the end of November, the new majority set up three commissions of inquiry into the scandals that have rocked public opinion under PiS: the organization amid a pandemic of postal presidential elections in 2020, a plan that was eventually abandoned; The Pegasus software surveillance of key opposition figures involved the “visa scandal,” or the granting of visas to foreigners in exchange for bribes, that broke out last September.

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