Disappeared 155 million years ago, a continent is rising again

This is an important scientific discovery Geo.fr. 155 million years ago, a continent broke away from Australia and drifted towards Southeast Asia. Known as Argoland, this 4,800 km long continent remains undiscovered. But fragments of this continent have now been discovered.

The first traces were already found during research in the sea basin of Argo Abyssal Plain. But no fragment of the continent was found. “However, no continent of this size has been found near these islands”, it is stated Science & Life In one of his articles in October 2023.

today, Geo.fr It is reported that scientists have found traces of this continent buried beneath some countries in Southwest Asia, including Indonesia and Burma. “We didn’t lose a continent, it was already too big and fragmented.”Elder Avocat, one of the researchers, explains.

As for the breakup of Arcoland, this can be explained by the interaction of tectonic forces, which expanded the continent’s mass and distanced it from the rest of the Australian continent.

According to the researcher, this discovery “To shed light on the region’s past climate, it is said to have cooled when seas formed between the pieces of Argoland..

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