Italy introduces compulsory vaccine for people over 50 years of age

The Italian government on Wednesday decided to introduce a mandatory vaccine for everyone over the age of 50, in the face of a sharp rise in the number of Govt-19 infections.

We want to reduce the pollution curve and encourage Italians who have not yet been vaccinated.“Prime Minister Mario Draghi has accepted the move,” he said, citing a government statement.

In detail, the mandate-law imposes a vaccination obligation on those who do not work over the age of 50 and requires everyone over the age of 50 who works in the public sector rather than the private sector to have a vaccination permit from February 15. .

In fact, it’s really obligatory for people over the age of 50 to get vaccinated because they’ve been baptized in Italy. “Reinforced health pass“, Is obtained only after complete vaccination cycle or recovery from Govt disease.

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According to the National Institutes of Statistics (Istat), Italy has a population of 59 million, of which 28 million are over 50 years of age.

On December 29, the government had already decided that the vaccination pass would be required from January 10 in transport, hotels, restaurant terraces, exhibitions and conferences and in swimming pools and gyms.

It is enough to have a health pass to travel by train and plane.Foundation“, Can be obtained by vaccination but can also be obtained by a negative test.

Vaccination passes are already required for certain professional categories, such as health workers, school staff and law enforcement personnel.

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