In the Balkans, Novak Djokovic is the symbol of antivox

The vaccine status of the world’s No. 1 tennis player is not officially known. Trapped at a Melbourne airport, the Serbian is known in the Balkans for being closely associated with local far-right anti-ax movements.

Since Wednesday, it has been real “Djokovic Cat” to be played in Australia. World No. 1 tennis player stopped at customs by Melbourne airportWithout the necessary documents“Upon entering the country. Canberra authorities decided to cancel the visa It was given to him to show that he could not make any concessions on the whole Omigron wave.

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Novak Djokovic filed a lawsuit and his lawyer announced He was banned from allowing him to remain on Australian soil until Monday, It is time to explore this demand. As he has said many times, there is a lot of skepticism about the Govt-19 anti-vaccine. Serbian tennis player gets medical exemption from terrorism in order to compete in the first Grand Slam of 2022, Which is scheduled to take place from January 17 to 30.

Support of Serbian power

In Serbia, authorities are stepping up support for the biggest national star. President Alexander Vuிக்i did not hesitate to accuse Canberra. “Bad treatment“Towards Novak Djokovic. On Instagram, his favorite medium to stage himself, the all-powerful head of state announced.”The whole of Serbia is with him. “ And “Authorities are taking all necessary steps to ensure that the mistreatment of the best tennis player in the world is stopped soon..

Shortly before, the Foreign Minister spoke Informant, A tabloid very close to the power to express its full support for the player. “Our state demands the immediate release of the world’s number one player, which was requested by the Serbian ambassador, who contacted the player and took all possible measures.“, Martel Nikola Selekovic.

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Question links

If he always shows himself in his best light in the international media, he will soften the image of a player as if he were sympathetic, and Novak Djokovic is much less fashionable in the Balkans. From the beginning of the epidemic, he did not hesitate to appear with the most controversial characters, multiplying the levels in question.

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In the summer of 2020, he met with conspiratorial Bosnian pastor Semir Osmanik to pay homage to the healing properties of the “Pyramids of Visco” discovered in the 2000s. Since then, Semir Osmanakic has been shown alongside the Croatian Antivox, led by local far-right, who have intensified power demonstrations in recent months.

There are plenty of antivoxes in the Balkans

While waiting for his fate to be rectified in Australia, he can boast that he has behind him all the media close to the dictatorial and nationalist regime of Serbian warrior Alexander Vuசிக்கik, where there have been a flurry of inflammatory statements in his favor. Everyone is repeating their favorite role: sacrificing the Serbian people. Meanwhile, vaccine rates are falling in Serbia and neighboring countries.

This is not because of the lack of available doses anymore, but because of the skepticism about vaccines. According to a regional study conducted by the Balkans’ European Policy Advisory Council (BiEPAG) last fall, more than half of respondents indicated they were. “no thoughts” To get their size. In the Balkans, conspiracy theories surrounding Govt-19 are echoed. “strike“, BiEPAG specifies.

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In this false propaganda, Novak Djokovic assumes a major responsibility. Meanwhile, health services are having all the trouble to deal with the Govt-19 lawsuits that have been exploding for decades in search of better pay and budget cuts and the layoffs of their employees.

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