Israel-Hamas war: Palestinian prisoners, including children, in underwear in Gaza Strip

Sky News aired a video showing Israeli soldiers surrounding the prisoners in their underwear, confirming its authenticity. From the video, it can be seen that most of the prisoners are children. They all wear simple boxers and are grouped in groups of four or five.

In the pictures, the prisoners are walking in the center of a field. Sky News managed to locate the actual location, which is the Yarmouk Stadium in Gaza City. However, the channel notes that the date the video was taken could not be ascertained with certainty.

The Israeli Armed Forces have not denied that the video is authentic, Sky News reported. “The Israeli Defense Forces are currently working to disrupt Hamas' military capabilities and rescue hostages brutally abducted by the Hamas terrorist organization,” the Israeli military simply commented, adding, “As part of a security force operation in a war zone, individuals suspected of involvement in terrorist activities are arrested and interrogated. Those not involved in terrorist activities are released.

“Prisoners are treated in accordance with international law. Terrorist suspects are required to remove their clothing so that they can be sure that they are not hiding explosive vests or other weapons,” the Israeli military continues.

This is not the first time that footage of the Israeli military forcing prisoners to undress has been broadcast to the public. Also, in early December, several detainees said they were beaten and denied food and water.

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