“You left screaming my name”

Maria Antonita Cutillo was in the bathroom chatting with her best friend on a video call. During the call, a 16-year-old girl started screaming in pain. As explained, the scene involves watching Maria die live, with her best friend completely helpless in attendance Il Messaggero.

“I will never forget this scene,” Fabi wrote on social media. If the autopsy of the young woman from the province of Avellino, near Naples, can define the cause of death, there is no doubt that the young woman’s charred hand was caused by electrocution.

“You screamed my name on a video call,” Fabi’s Tiktok video read. “The last call, the last laugh together, the last laugh together, today my child, while you are talking to me, this happened. Your voice is ringing in my head. “You were a wonderful friend, and now the bench next to me will be empty, and the person standing next to me will never be you. I will miss you in my heart,” says the young friend.

On his desk, his classmates placed jasmine and lilies. Then they gathered silently in front of the school. “She is a happy, studious and humane girl,” says Asunta Mullo, a maths teacher, choking back tears.

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