Israel-Gaza War: ‘We’re Talking About 100 to 150 Hostages, Including Women and Children’, Hamas Hostages ‘Absolutely Unprecedented’

He said the option of negotiations had not been completely ruled out. Many actors in the region are willing to act as mediators between Israel and Hamas. “In hostage cases, there are often mediatorsThe author explains “The Ransom of Terror“. For example, we remember that Egypt played an important role in the deal for the release of Gilad Shalit, because Egypt had very good discussion channels with Gaza and excellent intelligence services established in Gaza. Another option is to go through Qatar, which has experience in freeing hostages. There is also the case of Turkey. We know that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has proposed. Finally, there is the ICRC. The International Committee of the Red Cross has extensive experience in the field and is used to acting as a mediator in armed conflicts, through its neutral position.

ICRC Regional Spokesperson Imene Trabelsi explained to us that discussions are currently underway regarding the hostage situation in Gaza.All parties, including Hamas, are involved in this situation. NoWe are ready to meet those detained and communicate with their families because they have the right to know what is happening to their loved ones. We are ready to facilitate the exchange transaction.

In addition to the hostage issue, the ICRC calls on both sides to reduce civilian suffering: “Families in Gaza already struggle to access clean drinking water. No parent wants to force a thirsty child to drink dirty water.“, a veiled reference to the complete blockade of the Gaza Strip imposed by Israel since Monday.

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Israel and Hamas must now decide the outcome of the talks, and for now, both sides are opting for certainty.

At this stage, no official release has taken place. Hamas threatens to execute hostagesEvery time our people are targeted without warning“By Israeli attacks.

For its part, Israel announced it would not allow basic necessities or humanitarian aid into Gaza until the Palestinian Islamic Movement released the abductees last Saturday.

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