South Park releases a hilarious teaser for new specials about recasting characters to please audiences, and it’s already making people crazy

South Park has unveiled a trailer for the show’s latest special coming to Paramount+.

Already – in just 30 seconds – she’s got all the usual suspects blowing gaskets and clutching pearls.

The new special is called South Park: Join the PanderverseAnd while I think you probably have an idea of ​​where this is headed, take a quick look at the trailer itself, and then we’ll meet again.

Fine. It looks like Messrs. Trey Parker and Matt Stone will take on such ridiculous proportions that some movies and TV shows will appeal to fans with their casting.

What better way to make fun of this than to “recast” a group of 9-year-old boys as adult women of color?

It’s ridiculous, and yet it’s as if we’re constantly getting closer to something like this happening for real.

That’s why the show works.

In fact, the mere 30-second trailer sets up the premise so well, that some outlets are already starting to bother you.

The AV Club is not interested in the New South Park Special

AV Club He posted an article titled, “There’s a new teaser for the South Park event, oh my god, we’re so tired already.” Yes, it is verbal, but it gets the idea across.

The brief piece announced the upcoming series premiere of the special. However, the writer also saw how criticizing people – or even just questioning that kind of thing – gives them headaches.

“The Spider-Man reference title suggests that the show will present its take on the growing calls for diversity in mainstream media (or at least allegations that studios are cynically exploiting the calls to make money), and hey, get it? That’s a headache at the front of your skull.” “Watching these things?” asked the piece’s author, William Hughes, in a run-on sentence for the ages. “We feel this terrible headache at the front of our skull.”

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Well, some people certainly seem concerned about that South ParkThe film’s brand of satire – which rarely gets it wrong – shines a bit too much on the absurdity of some of these various casting decisions.

Pandering casting choices are often lazy cash grabs

It’s also hard to argue that at least a few of these things weren’t done with the sole purpose of making money from a brand that falls in love with things like this.

from Ghostbusters New edition with *Jerry Lewis voice* Laaaaaaadieeeees, pretty much every live-action Disney remake, and even the attempt to do an entire Oceans 11 reboot that no one remembers or unconsciously blocks out like childhood trauma.

There are no bones about it: this practice is usually a lazy cash grab.

Why not create something new and represent women or people of color from the beginning?

Well, it will take effort and a little creativity. That can be hard to come by in Hollywood these days.

Here’s another superhero movie; Like it or dislike it…

But who knows? Maybe they wouldn’t be so difficult to practice. Maybe they’ll zag when everyone expects them to zag. I don’t think that’s the case, but you never know.

The new special – which will reportedly be used on AI as well – will debut on October 27.

It’s entirely possible — even likely — that by early October 28, we’ll be receiving a lot of angry thoughts about this.

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