Israel-Gaza war: Thousands of Palestinian workers working in Israel sent back to Gaza, ‘flood of tired men’

At the Kerem Abu Salem crossing (called Kerem Shalom on the Israeli side), these demons march. No one took their belongings and some could not even put on their coats. Yasser Mustafa, for his part, wore a vest over his sweater when he was in Israel, starting in the first days of the war.

The police came to our house and took us away“, the man told AFP, his features painted.”They put us in a camp that wasn’t even big enough for the animals“, he said, and”They tortured us with electricity, they beat us with dogs“.

A little further on, several men show their hands with still gaping wounds and their ankles bound with blue plastic bracelets. “061962”, we read in one, “062030” in the other. A man shows his wrists, which still bear cut marks, traces of blows and restraints, he says. Ramadan al-Isaoui says he spent “23 days on offer” in an Israeli prison in the West Bank, a Palestinian territory occupied by Israel for more than 50 years. “JIt was in a detention center with hundreds of inmates“, he tells AFP, his voice shaking.”We told ourselves that we can die at any time. We were given only enough to eat and drink to survive and we knew nothing outside.”

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