In Ukraine, the Russians are trying to saturate Kiev’s skies

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Ukrainian capital experienced its fourteenth wave of bombings since the beginning of May, the largest since the start of the war. One person died and three others were injured to mourn. Despite their relative effectiveness, the Russians are trying to outflank Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses.

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Un Saturday night like many in Kiev. It’s past midnight and the cell phone on the table starts vibrating. One of many applications Temporary The download triggered an alert, announcing the start of the alarm. Seconds later, Ukraine’s interactive map “Drivoka” (warning) program, updated every 30 seconds, points in red in the sky to areas where ballistic missiles or suicide drones are located, while a siren wails on a smartphone. In all Telegram channels, messages from municipal and military officials tumbled down: “Stay in shelter! Then follows the wait in the silence of a starry spring night, and then the sudden staccato of anti-aircraft defenses, heralding the storm.

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