Israel-Gaza war: Palestinian enclave cut in two, according to Israeli military (find our live coverage)

The war in the Middle East entered its 30th day on Sunday. In the Gaza Strip, at least 45 people were killed and around 100 injured in an Israeli bombardment Saturday evening against the Makazi refugee camp in the center of the Gaza Strip. Health. In the occupied West Bank, three Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces on Sunday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said.

Significant strikes are underway now (…) and will continue tonight and in the coming days“Military spokesman Daniel Hagari said Israeli forces had operated in the region and cut it in two:Southern Gaza and Northern Gaza“.

An ultranationalist Israeli minister was sanctioned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this Sunday after confirming that using a nuclear bomb on Gaza was “an option” in the war against Palestinian Hamas.

US diplomatic chief Anthony Blinken, who has stepped up his efforts in the region, warned against the “forced displacement” of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip following a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, a spokesman said. Occupied West Bank.

I have no words to describe the genocidal war and the destruction suffered by our Palestinian people in Gaza at the hands of Israel’s military apparatus without respecting the principles of international law.“, Mr Abbas made the announcement in Ramallah, where he received Mr Blinken.

Also, the European Commission condemned what it saw as a “resurgence” of anti-Semitic acts since the outbreak of conflict between the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and Israel.Today, Jews in Europe are once again living in fear“.

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According to the latest Hamas statement on Sunday, Israel’s retaliatory bombings have killed 9,770 people in the Gaza Strip since October 7, including 4,800 children and 2,550 women. According to Israeli officials, at least 1,400 people died on the Israeli side, most of them on the same day of the attack by Hamas.

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