Israel-Gaza war: More than 45 people have been killed in Israel’s bombing of a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, Hamas said.

A photojournalist with Turkey’s Anadolu Agency told AFP that his neighbor’s house in the Makasi camp was partially destroyed in an air strike that killed several people, including his two children.

“An Israeli airstrike targeted my house next door in Makazi camp, the house next door partially collapsed, my sons Ahmed, 13, and Qais, 4, and my brother were martyred, my wife, my mother and my two children were injured. Mohammed Al-Aloul told AFP.

When asked, an Israeli military spokesman said they were checking whether Israeli forces were active in the Makazi camp area.

Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip have killed 9,488 civilians, mainly 3,900 children, since the start of the conflict, which was fueled by attacks on Israelis by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, according to a statement released by the Hamas government on Saturday. Soil on October 7.

In Israel, according to officials, at least 1,400 people have been killed since October 7, most of them massacred on the day of the Hamas attack. According to the military, Hamas is also holding 241 hostages.

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