Elon Musk has launched his new AI-powered chatbot “Grok” in an attempt to counter ChatGPT

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Elon Musk’s AI startup xAI has released its first AI prototype, as the tech billionaire looks to take on OpenAI, Google and Meta with a sassy chatbot tightly integrated with X, formerly known as Twitter.

Grok, the new artificial intelligence system, has “real-time access” to information from X, the social media platform that Musk bought for $44 billion a year ago, he said in a statement. mail Saturday night, giving it “a huge advantage over other models” that relied largely on old archives of Internet data.

Musk added that the chatbot “likes to be sarcastic” and responds with “a little bit of humor,” hoping that a little more personality will give your puppy a chance to stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

“It will also answer interesting questions that most other artificial intelligence systems reject,” xAI said He said It announced a “very early” test version of Grok.

So-called generative AI companies — whose technology can create human-like text, symbols and images in seconds — have raised billions of dollars this year as investors pile into an industry that backers say could be as transformative as the Internet. However, others fear the new technology bubble will inflate, as the commercialization of the technology is still at an early stage.

xAI’s ability to launch a capable model with what it says is just two months of training shows how new entrants are starting to eat up the huge lead achieved by OpenAI, which launched its amazing Chatbot nearly a year ago.

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Musk, who said last week that “AI will eventually be able to do everything” and make human labor obsolete, founded xAI earlier this year. His team of engineers, who previously worked at Google DeepMind and Microsoft, has been racing to catch up with more established competitors like OpenAI, which Musk co-founded in 2015 but left after three years.

Despite being created in just a few months, Musk claims Grok’s capabilities rival the latest models from Meta, which released its LLaMA 2 model in July, and Inflection, the AI ​​startup led by former DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleiman, according to the website. Word”. Standardized tests.

Grok’s ability to answer mathematical queries or demonstrate logic is similar to that of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, the model that powered the initial version of ChatGPT when it was launched last November, xAI said. The startup added that Grok passed his final Hungarian high school mathematics exam with a grade of C, which is consistent with Anthropic’s Claude model.

However, xAI also admitted that it is behind OpenAI, which in March released its latest model of GPT-4, which has demonstrated “human-level performance” on professional benchmarks such as the US Bar exam, and is already being included in applications by companies. Partner. .

“[Grok] “It is only surpassed by models trained using a much larger amount of training data and computational resources such as GPT-4,” xAI said. “This shows the rapid progress we are making at xAI in training LLM holders with exceptional efficiency.”

Oracle, the software group headed by Musk ally Larry Ellison, said in September that xAI was training its technology using its cloud computing platform.

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X users can apply now to try Grok, which will be available to subscribers to the app’s new “Premium+” service, at a cost of about $16 per month, after completing an indefinite testing period.

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