Is “Deltacron” a new type of Covid or a false alarm? According to Mark von Ronstein, “laboratory pollution is the cause”

In Cyprus, a combination of two types, Delta and Omigron, was discovered by scientists on Sunday. Le Picaro, This was quoted by the Bloomberg News Agency. According to these sources, many are affected by the combination of the two types that currently dominate the world. “Currently there are omigran and delta co-infections, and we have found that this strain is a combination of these two phenomena,” said Leondios Gostrigis, a professor of biology at the University of Cyprus.

This new variant, nicknamed “Omicron’s genetic signature and Delta’s genes”, is nicknamed “Deltacron”. According to the Cyprus Mail cited by Bloomberg, 25 cases have already been identified.

Yet according to Professor Leondios Kostrikis, “the frequency of mutations was higher among those in the hospital, which may be thought to be the link between the deltacron and the hospitalization”. “We will see in the future whether this strain is more pathological or more contagious or whether it will prevail,” he added.

Don’t worry, according to Van Ronst

According to the virologist, do not be afraid: “The combination of these two family trees is not possible, but it seems that the cause of the pollution in the laboratory. Something may have gone wrong while uploading the footage of the Govt tests reviewed in the database, ”he said in a paragraph on HLN.

For its part, the WHO has not yet commented on the existence of this new “Deltacron” variant.

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