Christian Taubra declared that the people were subject to the results of the primary election

Law Candidate “Considered“Christian Taubra announced on Sunday in the presidential election that he would abide by the results of the Citizens’ Initiative Popular Primary, which is scheduled for January 27-30, and he will accept it.”Judgment“.

I accept the danger of democracy. I will accept the primary judgment of the people“,”Last chance for a left-wing coalition“, Announced the former Minister of Franois Hollande from the market in Seine-Saint-Denis.

After consideration by a primary panel of applicants, many applicants refused, as “”Popular appointment“, The vote of its millions of subscribers on the Internet.

This is the most beautiful of the frame“, Christian Thoubra, a valuable figure among some voters, but including Although the field went down in December, there was still no progress in the poll.

I call on other left-wing and environmental candidates to do the same“I mean accept”Judgment“, She said.

People who are fascinated by all justice have nothing to fear from the primary electorate.“, She added:”So we have to accept this risk and for my part I accept it“.

Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo conceded defeat Saturday.for now“His proposal for a primary in the absence of the commitment of other candidates, rebel Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, ecologist Yannick Jodot, Cantor”Come back“Arnaud Monteberg and Communist Fabian Russell.

The Left is divided into five main candidates, and none of them can contest the election with Rights and Emmanuel Macron.

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