Part of the house the couple bought suddenly collapsed

A couple in France had to be urgently relocated.

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CThe couple bought this old house a few months ago in Peguencourt (Hots-de-France) for Rs. Joseph-Paulis. He carried out important tasks inside. Saturday night, he lost everything. The door of their house suddenly collapsed at midnight. Those present (four children and four adults) were quickly evacuated by emergency services. As a precautionary measure, the house next door was also evicted, according to reports The Voice of the North.

According to the first elements, this sudden collapse seems to be related to the work carried out on a building located next to the house. We would have dug a little deeper, it would have weakened the house next door and the cable would have collapsed. Heavy rains over the past few hours, along with waterlogged soil, have accelerated things. Cracks were also found in the house.

Joel Pierre, the mayor of Beckwengart, said he could not find a solution other than to demolish the house. The emergency order will be taken on Monday. Insurance experts will visit the site to see the extent of the damage. Meanwhile, residents were greeted by their families.

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