Irritated by France's stance, the Iranian government summoned the French ambassador to Tehran

Calling on messengers is a powerful act. This Sunday, the day after the Iranian attack on Israel, the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced that it had summoned the ambassadors of the United Kingdom, France and Germany to protest the comments of the officials of these countries after the attack by the Iranians.

Three European Ambassadors” Following the irresponsible positions of some officials of these countries regarding Iran's response to the ongoing actions of the Zionist regime against the citizens and interests of our country, the Ministry was invited (…). », announced Iranian diplomacy in a press release published by the official IRNA agency.

Israel describes Iranian attack: 170 drones, 110 ballistic missiles, 30 cruise missiles

France declined to say whether it helped Israel

The United Kingdom and France were cited by Israel as among the allied forces that contributed to the defense of the Jewish state during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Quai d'Orsay declined to comment on the matter if London confirmed it had destroyed the Iranian drones.

About 300 projectiles were fired during the attack. But the IDF (Israeli Army, editor's note) had air superiority, along with the United States, Great Britain, France and others. Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari told reporters this morning.

When questioned by AFP, the French Foreign Ministry said: Unable to commentr”. According to a French military source quoted by the press agency, France promised ” Defense » Its bases in the Middle East during the Iranian attack, thanks to ” meaning » Anti-aircraft defense.

As a reminder, France has several bases in the Middle East, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq, and regularly deploys naval and air assets around the eastern Mediterranean and the Red Sea. It has repeatedly shot down drones deployed by Yemen's Houthi rebels. axis of resistancee » Against Israel – everything like Hamas or Lebanese Hezbollah is supported by Iran.

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The French Foreign Ministry advised French people living in Iran on Sunday ” Leave temporarily “Country.

Netanyahu praised France's support

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a speech on Saturday evening, hours before Iran announced it would launch a drone targeting Israel: I appreciate the US standing with Israel and the support of Britain, France and many other countries “.

As for the heads of state or government of the three countries involved, all condemned the Iranian attack.

French President Emmanuel Macron indeed “We strongly condemn Iran's unprecedented attack against Israel » and “to control » Shareholders, in a news release on Sunday at X.

Through the voice of Steffen Hebestreit, his spokesman Olaf Scholes also condemned. Definitely » Iranian strikes, and diplomatic chief Annalena Baerbach worried about risk » explosion » In the region, it is ” Get into confusion “.

“With this reckless and unjustifiable attack, Iran risks setting off a regional conflagration,” the spokesman added. “In these difficult times, Germany stands with Israel”, its government will now “closely discuss further reactions with our G7 partners and allies”, according to Steffen Hebestreit.

The UK will continue to protect Israel

For his part, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned the attack. Dangerous » Confirms that Iranian, United Kingdom Israel's security must continue to be protected “.

Together with our partners, we are working urgently to address the situation and prevent further escalation. And no one wants to see bloodshed “, he said in a press release. And add:

These strikes risk fueling tensions and destabilizing the region. Iran has proven once again that it wants to sow chaos in its neighborhood “.

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Iran's Attack on Israel Failed, 99% of Iranian Drones and Missiles Intercepted

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