Does Your Child’s First Name Affect Their Intelligence?

You may have recently seen articles with titles likeHere are the most and least clever first names, according to a study by a famous university” or “Here are the first names with a lower IQ than others, according to a very serious study“. Inspired by this list, RTBF’s fake fact-checking team went back to the source. We found the authors. And, no, they’re not scientists. An example of how a joke, even if the material seems trivial, is distorted into information taken at face value.

Stanford University decided to investigate: Is our intelligence quotient (IQ) linked to the first name we are given at birth? Apparently, they were confident enough to publish the results after surveying 70,000 people and taking their IQ test.“: This is how it starts monday of A lot items Published in recent days, it is devoted to a supposed scientific study that establishes a link between the intelligence of individuals and the first name they possess.

It usually follows a list of male and female first“, almost always in the same order:

1. Gamil: Average IQ 182
2. Pauline: Average IQ 172
3. Thomas: Average IQ 171
4. Aurélie: Average IQ 165
5. Guillaume: Average IQ 163
6. Julie: Average IQ is 157
7. Julian: Average IQ 156
8. Highest: Average IQ 153
9. Florian: Average IQ 148
10. Sarah: Average IQ 142

Another list is in circulation, the first names being “Less intelligent“. Here too, the ranking is a “Average IQ“.

1. Jonathan: Average IQ 80
2. Alain: Average IQ 82
3. Sarah: Average IQ 82
4. Herve: Average IQ 83
5. Manual: Average IQ 84
6. Lewis: Average IQ 85
7. Emma: Average IQ 86
8. Olivier: Average IQ 86.5
9. Caroline: Average IQ 86.5
10. Timothy: Average IQ 87
11. Julian: Average IQ 87

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