War crimes in Ukraine: “Her daughter no longer has a head, her son was in a thousand pieces”

This Thursday, Father Patrick Desbois was on set at LN24. An expert in the study of war crimes, he came to report on the atrocities in Ukraine. Father Patrick Desbois focuses his work on testimonies of torture. Even in Russia, he explains, psychological or physical torture methods are used against citizens in the administration to force them to declare themselves pro-Russian.

Among these collected testimonies, some made a deep impression on the expert. “She took shelter in a corridor with her children to escape the missiles”, he explains. “Suddenly a loud noise was heard. She looks at her daughter: her head is gone. She looked at her son: he was in a thousand pieces.

For Father Patrick Desbois, the situation in Ukraine is different from his other inquiries around the world for several reasons. “I would never have imagined prosecuting mass crimes against civilians in Europe.”, he begins, evoking the proximity of battle. “The killings of the Russians in every direction were unspeakable”, according to Father Patrick Desbois. So he wants to work to bring justice to all the victims of the war in Ukraine.

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