“I’m going to stop, I’ve had my dose for the rest of my life”

This Tuesday, around 3:30 p.m., a parachutist from the Bondues aerodrome got stuck in a tree of an apartment located on Grand Boulevard, Avenue de la République, on the border of Lille, Marc-en-Parol and La Madeleine. Our colleagues from La Voix du Nord. Firefighters deployed their ladders and intervened for about ten minutes to get the man out safe and sound. His family went straight to the scene: “We were a little scared when we found out what happened,” said his wife, accompanied by their two daughters.

“I Can’t Hear the Signs Anymore”

After reaching an altitude of 1500 meters, the parachutist jumped from the plane and lost all communication with the rest of the crew. “I can no longer hear the signs in my headset. “I got away with the wind when I opened my parachute,” he commented passionately. I don’t know how to identify myself anymore. The panicked skydiver had two options: on a football field or in a tree. “I had to make my choice quickly, and I told myself that the leaves and branches would cushion my fall,” he concludes.

First experience

The father of the family had already done several tandem jumps, but had never jumped free. “My relatives gave me this tab as a present for my fortieth birthday,” he says. It was only after hours of practice that the student parachutist was finally able to jump on his own. A first experience left him with a bitter taste, however: “I’m going to stop skydiving, I’m full for the rest of my life!” »

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