A large yacht sank off the Italian coast, captured on video

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The footage was captured at the moment the disaster struck off the Italian coast.

The italian coast guard She released videos of the 130-foot My Saga yacht sinking into the Mediterranean.

The yacht was sailing from Gallipoli to Milazzo When I started soaking up the water on a strict Saturday evening.

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The yacht is listed significantly to the right.
(Italian coast guard)

After receiving a distress call, the Coast Guard dispatched two patrol ships to rescue the nine people on board, and a tugboat to tow the ship to port at Crotone.

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During the rescue operation, the ship was partially submerged and incorporated to starboard – nine miles off the coast of the Catanzaro marina.

The footage captured what happened next as the bow of the ship soared into the air. Rescuers lost the operation and soon the steel-hulled yacht disappeared under the waves first.

The yacht is heavily lined to the right before submerging under the water.

The yacht is heavily lined to the right before submerging under the water.
(Italian coast guard)

The Italian Coast Guard reported severe weather and sea conditions, as well as Increasing vessel slope On the starboard, making recovery of the My Saga “impractical”.


The yacht quickly sank underwater first.

The yacht quickly sank underwater first.
(Italian coast guard)

My Saga was the first yacht of its caliber that Monaco Yachting and Technologies built by 2007. The yacht was purchased by an unknown owner in 2022, according to SuperYachtimes.

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The Italian Coast Guard has launched an “administrative investigation” to determine the cause of the accident, according to a translation of the Coast Guard’s Facebook post.

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