Uyghurs in China: ‘Storing the Koran on your phone could trigger a police investigation’, HRW reveals

So, in this list we first find all photo, video or audio files”Describes forms of beheading or torture carried out by Mexican and other drug cartels, Chechen militias or armed groups such as the Islamic State.HRW reads the report.

But, still according to NGOs, all content is “the concern of foreign organizations, including the East Turkestan Independence Movement, which the Chinese government describes as a separatist group; the World Uyghur Congress, run by Uyghur exiles, and the Uyghur-language program of Radio Free Asia, a U.S. government-sponsored media outlet; Shows pro-democracy audiovisual elements such as “Gate of Heavenly Peace,” a documentary about the Tiananmen Square massacre during the 1989 student protests perpetrated by the Chinese government; or mentioning the names of cities in Syria, including 2015 documentaries on the country’s history and two episodes of the popular Chinese-language travel show “On the Road” (滢行), which contain references to the Syrian conflict.“.

Finally, it is on this last type of content that the NGO sounds the alarm in particular, this list of “”General Islamic religious content including readings from the Quran and wedding hymns.

This last type of content is consistent with many others According to HRW, half of that list, 57%.

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