Switch release dates confirmed for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD

Can people calm down now about Nintendo having a slow year? Nintendo still releases an average of one new first party release each month (Mario vs DK, Another Code, Princess Peach Showtime, Endless Ocean, TTYD, Luigi's Mansion 2) and we also get a ton of great third party games. Nintendo wouldn't load all of this into the first half of the year unless they still had something big up their sleeves in the latter half.

The year is still better than 2018, where Nintendo's only games were a mediocre Kirby game, an incomplete Mario Tennis game, a divisive Mario Party game with only a few panels, and direct ports of Tropical Freeze and Captain Toad with no substantive new content at all. . That was all year. Its only saving grace was Smash Ultimate, which came very late in the year and was practically the game of 2019.

Nintendo always likes to play its cards close to its chest, so even if we don't get a Switch 2 this year, I'm not at all worried about the rest of the year. The last game we know will be released in June, and we'll likely get a live release that month to show us what else is in store. Now is a good time for easy ports/remakes and restoration of niche titles.

I think this year we could still get Rythm Heaven, Wind Waker + Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 2 & 3, a remaster of Chibi-Robo 1 & 2, a remaster of Kid Icarus Uprising, and maybe even a new Wario Land game (although… It's clear that Good Feel won't be developing it (maybe WayForward, since Nintendo trusted them enough to do Advance Wars). We'll also likely get something from Kirby, which is why I'm anticipating a free-to-play battle royale game exclusive to NSO.

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