Super Mario Bros. Wonder local multiplayer was initially hit

Super Mario Bros.  Wonderful multiplayer collision

Nintendo shared a small batch of information about Super Mario Bros Wonderdevelopment, it was revealed that the game initially included players colliding in local multiplayer, though it was eventually removed.

This is a small but noticeable change from the New Super Mario Bros. series. Previously, bumping meant being able to do certain things like jump off another player’s head while playing with friends. However, it could also make things quite messy – something Nintendo seems to have noticed. Now you will not touch or collide with other players.

Director Shiro Mori shared the following with Rolling Stone About removing player collisions from Super Mario Bros. Wonder during development:

“When we took the leap of faith and removed the collision, we realized it removes a lot of stress. For example, when you have a narrow platform that you can jump to, when there’s someone getting in your way.

It will still be possible to interact with players directly in a variety of ways in co-op. First, you can rescue a defeated friend by accessing their Ghost form before time runs out. Also, if someone is playing as Yoshi, you can jump on his back and ride him.

Do you think removing the collision is the right step? Let us know in the comments below.

Super Mario Bros. is released. Wonder for Switch on October 20, 2023.

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