Holidays: 5 European Cities to Visit Once in a Lifetime

Now that the holidays are here, it’s time to enjoy them! Are you planning a multi-stop tour of Europe to add a few days of city-hopping to your travel diary or want to take advantage of summer? Here are five cities we advise you to put your vacation plans into action.

“Time’s running out for those who still want to book” If you’ve been dreaming of one of these 10 vacation spots, it’s now or never.

Seville (Spain)

The heart of Andalusia, the city of Seville leaves no one indifferent. Between the festive atmosphere that reigns there and the architectural gems that adorn it, Seville attracts all visitors. Stroll through the famous and impressive Spanish Steps, visit the Alcazar Palace, wander the banks of the Guadalquivir, get lost in the Santa Cruz district, dance to flamenco, taste tapas in the alleys of the Alameda… there is something for everyone. . One thing is for sure, you will not be bored in the Andalusian capital!

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Although often forgotten, the capital of Slovenia is a very interesting city to visit. A green city in the heart of a green country, Ljubljana is a city with a specific and elegant architecture. This is especially evidenced by the famous Triple Bridge, which spans the Ljubljana River in the heart of the city. Overlooked by a castle, Ljubljana is a city of art and artists, as you can see at the National Gallery. Don’t forget to stroll through the historic center and its cobblestone streets that stretch along both banks of the Slovenian capital. Apart from passing by the Gothic-style town hall or in front of the cathedral, you will come across pleasant little shops such as antique or record stores.

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Slovenia, the final drug bust

Prague (Czech Republic)

Classic off City toursPrague captivates all hearts. Nicknamed the “City of a Hundred Towers”, the Czech capital stands out for its history, its culture and the richness of its architecture, which combines different styles. Places to visit in Prague? Charles Bridge, the Jewish Cemetery, the Royal Castle and the Old Town Square with its medieval Astronomical Clock. Along the way, don’t hesitate to taste a craft beer. A word of advice: plan at least three days to enjoy the city!

Oporto (Portugal)

A maddeningly charming city, Porto puts you at ease the moment you set foot there. Every corner of the Portuguese city has its own atmosphere. Porto has large vineyards, a few kilometers of beach on the Atlantic Ocean and small, narrow, winding streets leading from the lower town to the upper town, where life comes alive. Everywhere, facades decorated with azulejos, these little tiles painted in blue and white, will dazzle you. A unique visit not to be missed: the magnificent Lello and Irmao bookstore, considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Dublin (Ireland)

Dublin is undoubtedly one of the friendliest cities in Europe. It retains a festive and warm atmosphere, and has beautiful architectural surprises. To appreciate Dublin, all you have to do is take a leisurely stroll through the streets, stop for a moment to sit on the cobblestones in front of a singer or a musician, or drink a beer (a Guinness, of course) in a traditional pub. Look at the temple. A very cultural city, the Irish capital – a UNESCO-designated capital of literature – has many museums. A must-see for tourists in Dublin: Trinity College University and its large library.

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