“His daughter is a few years older than me, and his son is a few years younger.”

Bridget, 26, is in a relationship with her former employer, Brooks, 52. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to face criticism from a young woman when many people think that love is not old enough.

The story of Brooks and Bridget began in 2020, we read in the passages of the sun. “We both worked in the hospitality industry. I was a receptionist and he worked nights. He was later promoted to deputy general manager, and I became reception manager, ”explains the American. As time went on, until the day Brooks confessed his feelings on Bridget, the two colleagues became closer. Despite a gap of 27 years, they soon formalized their relationship.

On Bridget’s side, things went relatively well. Those around him accepted the relationship. In the fifties, it was much more complicated. His mother had a hard time digesting it. “I think she’s very fond of Brooks’ mother, the mother of her children. That’s why she did not give me a chance,” said Bridget. I think they accepted it, ”he added.

Even more surprisingly, the couple often suffer from derogatory comments from others, especially on social media. But Bridget is beyond criticism and shows off her pair in Dictoc. “People say I’ve been treated or that I’m a victim. Some people act like they really care about me. I’m a grown woman who can make my own choices. I laugh when people say bad things because they do not know what people are talking about. If they simply scroll through my videos , They will see that we are like other couples, ”laments the young woman.

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