“He said to me: You obey”: Alone on the dock, Michel Fournieret’s “Ghost Girl” poses as Monique Olivier’s victim.

The ex-wife of the “Ogre of the Ardennes” is on trial for complicity in the kidnapping and seclusion of Estelle Moussin.

A childhood without love

He kept his promise and spoke at length throughout the afternoon. The trial lasted more than four hours. Standing, she sometimes clings to the window of the accused box with her right hand. She talks about her childhood with a neglectful father and an alcoholic mother. “I don’t know parents who hold babies in their arms”. At the start of the trial, his responses were stilted, almost mechanical. Monique Olivier should listen carefully to ask all questions. Didier Saffer questioned him at length about his relationship with various companions. Her first violent husband, with whom she has two children. Her second husband was an American whom she married to obtain French citizenship. Then in 1987 Michael Fournieret entered by advertising in a Christian magazine.

A criminal contract

At the time, he was awaiting trial for multiple rapes and sexual assaults in the Paris region. They would exchange hundreds of letters and seal what investigators would later call a criminal pact. “Monique Olivier knew what her future would look like with Michel Fournieret”, writes one of the Belgian police officers responsible for sifting through the letter. “What he is saying is utter nonsense.”, says the accused. She avoids saying the serial killer’s first name. Sometimes she calls him Fournieret. “Did you love him? ? ” asks the presiding judge. “Maybe at first, but I’m tired of it. I thought all these atrocities, he used me as an object.

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“No, I’m not dangerous

Marine Allali, Estelle Moussin’s father’s lawyer, points out that she continues to victimize herself. At this point, Monique Olivier raised her voice “I won’t say anything more so people will stop positioning me as a victim.” Throughout the trial, Michael Fournieret’s ex-wife repeatedly said she obeyed and feared her ex-husband. “He knows I’m scared of him and he should be happy”.

Dead in 2021, the serial killer isn’t here to answer. Monique Olivier is alone for the first time in the accused box. And for the first time he speaks without bowing before a criminal court. On many occasions, he expresses his regret. But not all questions are answered. “I don’t know, I don’t have an answer.” She finally assures him that it’s an excuse before contradicting herself moments later, obsessed with the serial killer’s virginity.”You have joined this virgin quest ? “The accused nodded before adding”Still in this quest for virginity was a bit of a shock, but ironic. “

Before the Assize Court, she often sighs when the counsel for the civil parties questions her, and questions her status as a victim. Maitre Sonia Khanoun, a lawyer, asks her if she is dangerous. Monique Olivier almost screams: “Am I in danger? That’s not right No! No, I’m not dangerous“A chilling response in court.

nickname “ghost girl” In detention, Monique Olivier seems to have decided to come out of the shadows. His trial is expected to last two weeks.

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