War in Ukraine: Russian executioners of Putsa will be identified

The Ukrainian technical zone, well assisted by hackers from the anonymous group, was able to identify the individuals responsible for Bautza’s war crimes. They are part of the Russian Army’s 64th Motorized Rifles Regiment, based on the Chinese border near Khabarovsk.

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IHis name is Michael Takach, he is not ashamed. The 20-year-old Russian soldier, with a round face, was identified as one of the perpetrators of the atrocities in Bautista (340 killed) and was discovered by Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko on the Russian social network V Kontakte (VK). “You are a war criminal and executioner, apostrophe is an internet user. In your hands, there is the blood of a civilian hanged in a boutique. You will be roasting in hell! Michael Takash immediately responded to VK, noting that his unit, barely withdrawn from the suburbs of Q, was ready to return to war: “I’m already back, I’m going to catch you soon. As soon as I find you, I will cut off your head.

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