Five premature babies were found dead in a hospital in Gaza Israel-Hamas war

Five premature babies have died at a hospital in Gaza City at the center of fighting between Israel and Hamas that took effect on Friday, a spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry told AFP on Wednesday.

Until the fighting stopped, hospitals in the largest city in the Palestinian territories were targeted by Israeli strikes. Some of them were evacuated, many of them on orders from the Israeli army, according to doctors.

“The occupation forces left five premature babies in the intensive care unit of al-Nasr hospital,” said Ashraf al-Khidre, a doctor at one of Gaza’s main children’s hospitals.

“Soldiers denied access to doctors and families, and when doctors managed to enter the ward on Tuesday evening, they found their bodies partially decomposed,” he added.

Contacted by AFP, the Israeli military said it could not immediately comment.

The fate of the forty children shook the whole world

In mid-November, the world followed the fate of 39 premature babies at another hospital, Al-Sifa, which was besieged and attacked by the Israeli army.

8 of them died due to lack of electricity to the incubators.

Twenty-eight others were evacuated to Egypt, where they were hospitalized, many without family, some orphaned, and others whose parents had been denied entry to Egypt, the UN said.

Three others, too weak to be transported, were admitted to a hospital in the southern Gaza Strip.

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