“Europe will destroy 55 million doses of vaccine, more than it gave to Africa”, warns NGOs

Our Guest Oxfam Spokesman Aurore Guieu in the news this Wednesday morning at Matin Premiere. You, along with other NGOs, are publishing reports on vaccine levels in Europe and Africa with challenging statistics. “CWhat we want to report this week is that by the end of this month, the EU will have eliminated 55 million doses of vaccines, more than it has provided to Africa. At the moment, there is a devastating situation in Africa, among other places, with 7,000 deaths a day by the Govt, and above all the vaccination rate is still very low. Only 11% of the population in the area received two doses. Immunization distribution and inequality in access to vaccines have been one of the most reported in recent months and are unfortunately related.

Some African countries also had to clear doses, but “It’s important to note that the shortage of people to vaccinate is not the only question.

To underline the opposition between European and African positions regarding vaccine patents. The African Union has adopted a movement to waive intellectual property rights in vaccine patents, a measure supported by European and African civil society. Moreover, there are many Belgians, more than 30,000 Belgians, who have signed the European Petition in this regard. On the other hand, unfortunately, we have the European Union, which is the actor in preventing this stigma in the WTO and making the political choice of prioritizing drug profits. This is happening in situations like the mass destruction of the doses we are just talking about. “

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