Duff Goldman’s favorite boxed brownie mix was inspired by his recipe

  • Duff Goldman said Betty Crocker makes his favorite boxed cake mix.
  • The Food Network star and pastry chef says he loves it so much that it inspired a recipe of his own.
  • He says the key to getting a homemade cake to taste like Betty Crocker mix is ​​to sift the flour.

Even a Food Network icon and celebrity pastry chef Dave Goldman Knows undeniable attractiveness Cake made from mix cans. And he loves one brand so much that he designed a yellow cake recipe for his bakery.

Goldman told Insider in an interview about his partnership with Sun Maid.

the “Ice of cakeThe star said that’s the flavor profile you get from it Super Moist Betty Crocker Yellow Cake is the thing that many people think of when they think of the basic flavor of what a cake is, and it takes it right back to childhood birthdays and elementary school.

“At my bakery, we make all kinds of crazy cool flavors with really cool ingredients,” Goldman told Insider. “But our basic yellow cake, I made this recipe to taste like Betty Crocker.”

Ingredients for Betty Crocker

Ingredients for Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow Cake Mix.

Rachel Askinasi / Insider

He said that while the version he sells at his bakery is made from scratch, the taste and texture are reminiscent of his favorite boxed cake.

“It has the same kind of fluffy texture you get, funny enough, by sifting,” he told Insider. “You have to sift.”

Before he came up with this recipe, Goldman said, he wasn’t a fan of sifting flour for muffins, but he knew it made a big difference. “It makes it lighter, more spongy and softer,” he said of the texture of the cake. “So even if you don’t use my recipe, sift the flour.”

Goldman also spoke with Insider about His cookie recipe whenever he needs to impress a gourmetincluding his in-laws, and Red flags he believes shoppers should look out for when ordering from a bakery.

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