“I Hate This Doctor Who Played Russian Chili With Me”

Last Wednesday, an administrative court condemned the Nantes University Hospital in France for paying more than 61,000 euros to a patient who underwent a “total penile removal” due to “criminal violations” on the part of the hospital’s staff. Hospital.


According to information from Le Parisien, since 2014 the care of the patient during the first surgery due to the diagnosis of cancer (cancer type) has been “characterized by non-criminal violations that involve the responsibility of the CHU”. Patient Protection, 30 years old at the time of the 2014 events, demanded nearly one million euros and announced it would appeal the decision.

A hospital error resulted in the patient’s “lost a 70% chance of avoiding cancer recurrence, leading to a total penile removal” following an intervention at the CHU.

Yet according to our colleagues, medical expertise proved the error of the Nantes urologist who took care of the patient and did not remove all the cancer cells in the late stage. “I hate this doctor who doesn’t listen to me. He played Russian silly with me,” laments the victim in the columns of France Bleu.

The amount of 61,376 euros owed to the CHU patient included various damages taken into account by the court, including “suffering suffered” (12,000 euros), “permanent functional impairment” (16,000 euros) and “sexual harm” (31,500 euros). “We are appealing and we will win. I will not allow them to humiliate me,” the patient added.

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