The Elden Ring was the most complete and most original spin-off game of 2022

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2022 was truly the year Elden ring, with FromSoftware’s latest game exploding into the mainstream unlike anything created before. As such, many people played and finished Elden ring. In fact, according to one set of data, Elden ring It was the most complete game in 2022. But funnily enough, the same source also links it as players were more likely to abandon the game before reaching the end.

If you have read Kotaku (or any other gaming website) in 2022, you’ll likely already be familiar with it elden ring, The latest game from Evil spirits FromSoftware creators. and quot; Evil spirits And the bloodborne Elden ring It is an action RPG that is tough as nails With a heavy focus on mystery, world building, and boss battles. However, this time it’s about FromSoftware Added a real open world for its popularitysoulsLike “Formula. End result? One of the most popular and best-selling games of 2022. The open world in particular helped influence many to try Elden ring For the first time, players are allowed to avoid difficult areas until later, making the game easier to finish than previous FromSoftware adventures. And the design choice seems to have paid off.

According to data on HowLongToBeat.comAnd the Elden ring is the most completed game of 2022, with nearly 6,000 site users reporting that they’ve played and finished the massive open-world action RPG. That’s an impressive number when you look at the runner-up on the list. strayThis cool futuristic cat game, by nearly 4,000 users. Meanwhile, in third place with 2,500 completions was Game Freak and hit the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Seeing such a big and challenging game at the top of the list is a sign of that Elden ring Very good and also a hint at what kind of audience it is mainly used for

A screenshot of HowLongToBeat's 2022 stats showing Elden Ring in the top two lists.


But that might be more interesting Elden ring It is also the most “retired” game. When users “retire” a game on, it means that they have given up on it, either permanently or temporarily. Now, although 261 players have officially retired from Elden ring On the site, that’s still more than double any other game in 2022. Even if the data set is small and a little weird (how many people log onto this site to admit defeat?) it’s still an interesting data point.

It all makes sense to me. Elden ring It was the most traded game in 2022, and with so many people playing it, it only makes sense that a large portion of them would give up on this game. Other data seems to suggest around Half of the people are playing Elden ring Did not reach the end. So I buy that Elden ring It may be the most complete game in 2022 Also Being the game people give up more than anything else.

Some other interesting 2022 data from the site: Show Elden ring It also has the highest backlog, has the most reviews, and is the longest-running game of 2022. However, Naughty Dog’s The last of us part 1 is the most positively rated game, and Immortal Diablo It’s the worst review.

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