Decryption – What is “Plan 2025”, a plan by Donald Trump’s allies to cause “mass violence”?

According to Society magazine, the fourth pillar is currently training 10,000 people. Project director Paul Dance describes them as “A new army of conservatives is organized, trained and armed, ready to fight against the deep state.“.

Like this highly militant vocabulary, the lines of Plan 2025 are filled with strong aggression. For example, the Society points out that the verb “eliminate” is used 260 times in this collection.

The people behind these recommendations all come from a very conservative political orientation. It echoes the text recommending a ban on abortion pills and calls on the next president to “maintain a biblically-based definition of marriage and family,” as well as “overhaul laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation” and gender identity.

Plan 2025 is clearly on the path to Christian nationalism and authoritarianism. He rejects the constitutional separation of church and state, instead privileging religious beliefs over civil laws“, condemned the Global Program Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE) in a statement.

All the above mentioned points are clearly indicated in the lines of the plan. But according to an investigation by the Washington Post, if Donald Trump wins in 2024, the plan’s hidden objective is to establish a totalitarian or at best semi-authoritarian regime in the United States. In this confusion or “legally” to punish opponents and critics, or to restrain the National Guard, in other words, the military, in all major American cities in case of danger of demonstrations against their policies, if necessary by imposing martial law.

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The US newspaper added that Trump has already drawn up a list of people he wants to prosecute or investigate.

Not the first

The Heritage Trust was established in 1973. At the time, founder Joseph Coors’ goal was to intellectually arm Republicans. In 1980, just before the elections won by Ronald Reagan, the think tank created a guide to right-wing candidates. These measures were less radical than today’s, but called for, among other things, a reduction in taxes and a doubling of the military budget.

After his election, Reagan distributed the guide to all of his ministers and turned to the Heritage Foundation to recruit and organize his administration. By the end of the first year of his mandate, Society Magazine reported that 60% of the 2,000 ideas in the guide had been implemented.

Years later, Donald Trump used the same system to appoint people to key positions in his presidency.

Since then, the think tank’s influence has continued to grow. “Thanks to the Heritage Foundation, we became the only party to generate new ideas“, recalls Mickey Edwards, one of the co-founders.”To that extent the leftists were also attracted by us“Today, Edwards is leaving the group and supporting Democrats.”They started using religion to justify all their excesses and sacrifice intelligence for the sake of people’s baser instincts, which was not the deal to begin with. The Heritage Foundation is meant to be a think tank and nothing else“.

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America is shaking

Interviewed by Romuald ScioraDirector of the US political and geostrategic watchdog IRIS (Institute of International and Strategic Relations), many experts have warned about the future if Donald Trump is re-elected.

Even if he loses re-election, former Trump aide Fiona Hill fears Donald Trump could sow chaos. According to him, there is a real risk of seeing the former president contest any election that is unfavorable to him, and if he loses, try to recapture the Oval Office through a new coup. “There, if he wins, we should fasten our seat belts because he will lead us through a cascade of constitutional crises.“, she warns.

Same story with Robert Kagan. Leader of Neoconservatives “DDonald Trump is seriously preparing to secure his victory by any means necessary“And if he wins”The United States was headed for its greatest political and constitutional crisis since the Civil War […] Credible prospects of mass violence and division of the country“.

Finally, Reed Brady, a former deputy New York state attorney and now a lawyer specializing in the defense of victims of authoritarian regimes, asserts: “If Trump becomes president again, American democracy will quickly become a memory.”

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So will “Plan 2025” see the light of day on January 20, 2025, when the next president takes office? The answer depends on the outcome of the ballot boxes.

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