YouTuber shot to death after “cat” goes wrong, jury acquits his attacker | Various facts

A video by American YouTuber Tanner Cook has gone terribly wrong. This 21-year-old American likes to film people on the street. But one of the victims, a deliveryman named Alan Colley, was so terrified that he pulled out a gun to defend himself. The bullet, fired from close range, lodged in Tanner’s stomach. However, a popular jury found that the deliverer acted in self-defense.


Alan Coley was picking up an order at a mall in Dulles, Virginia, USA when he noticed Tanner Cook following him. The latter then proceeded to hold his cellphone in front of his face while repeating a plea: “Hey Asami, stop looking at my crotch.”

After repeatedly telling him to leave him alone, Alan Colley grabbed his gun and shot the videographer dead. The young man was transferred to the hospital, where he remained in intensive care for some time.

“My client felt threatened by this man. “His only goal is to provoke a reaction to attract more viewers to his YouTube channel,” argued Alan Colley’s lawyer. “He wants to confuse people and doesn’t care if he scares them or not.”


But for prosecutor Eden Holmes, there was no question of self-defense in the case. “Mr Cook’s prank may have been a little weird, but it didn’t put the victim’s life in danger. In the end, it was just a stupid rant, played over and over again on a cell phone.

However, after more than five hours of deliberations, jurors decided it was actually self-defense. Allan Kohli also has a gun license.

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The deliveryman was acquitted of the more serious charge of “intentional assault and battery with aggravated circumstances”. On the other hand, he is theoretically serving 10 years in prison for the shooting at a shopping center.

Tanner Cook is not his first venture. He has already been filmed harassing several employees in stores or pretending to vomit on Uber drivers. Some of the victims became so angry that in some cases it was necessary to call the police. Despite this incident, the videographer has already announced that he will continue to make such videos.

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