Chernobyl remains the same, but “it is very likely that the Russians experienced significant radiation pollution”

The plant, the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history when one of the largest nuclear reactors in history exploded in 1986, was liberated on Thursday when Russian forces withdrew from the area north of Kiev.

“All the equipment at the Chernobyl power station is working. All radiation control and monitoring systems operate under their normal regime, ”said Valery Zeta, director of the plant, citing a statement from the Ukrainian nuclear company Energodom.

“Plant running normally”, damaged furnace number. Based on sarcophagus and storage of radioactive material containing 4.

The Russian soldiers “took five of the 15 containers of spare parts for the plant,” he said.

But above all, in this restricted zone, which was heavily polluted by the 1986 disaster, they have probably been exposed to large-scale radiation, Ukrainians note.

“The dense dust and radioactive particles blown into the air by their vehicles could have easily entered the Russians’ lungs,” Zeta said.

“They may have been polluted”

The worst thing is that they seem to have dug trenches in the most polluted part of the “red forest”.

“So it is quite possible that they have been exposed to significant radiation pollution,” says Enercott.

In a separate statement to the press in Warsaw, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba denounced Moscow’s “irresponsibility” as much as the public safety of the facilities.

“Russia is irresponsible at all levels, from refusing to allow plant workers to do their work fully, to digging trenches in the polluted area,” he said.

“The Russian government (…) must respond to the mothers, sisters and wives of its soldiers and explain to them why it forced them to expose themselves to these dangers,” the minister continued.

Plot No. 4 of the plant exploded in 1986, causing the worst civilian nuclear disaster in history. It is covered by double sarcophagus, one built by the Soviets and now damaged, the other, more modern, opened in 2019.

The other three reactors at the plant were gradually shut down after the 2000 disaster.

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