Death of Elizabeth II: New Prime Minister Liz Truss at the center of a controversy amid national mourning, forcing Downing Street to react.

“The Prime Minister doesn’t ‘accompany’ the King, it’s not a ‘tour’. He simply attends the ceremonies,” Downing Street pointed out, facing growing controversy and accusing Liz Truss of seeking political gain. occasion.

Earlier in the day, Downing Street announced that Ms. Truss said he would join the monarch in national mourning across the UK, attending vigils in the north of Scotland. Ireland and Wales.

The idea “raised some eyebrows”, the Guardian said, amid suspicions that the prime minister was using the opportunity to promote himself.

“I can see how it helps Liz Truss. I don’t see how it helps King Charles,” added Financial Times reporter Henry Manns. “It is difficult to recreate the euphoric atmosphere seen outside the palace yesterday, when there is a politician who interferes with everything,” he added.

The Prime Minister’s team is engaged in suppressing the controversy that has sprung up. “It is not an obligation. But it is important for the Prime Minister to be present at what is an important moment of national mourning across the United Kingdom,” Downing Street said.

The new king must visit the four countries that make up the country following his mother’s death.

Charles III will first attend a “prayers and meditation” ceremony on Monday at Saint-Gilles Cathedral in Edinburgh, where the Queen’s remains will be taken to her Scottish home in Balmoral on Thursday.

The new monarch will travel to Northern Ireland’s capital Belfast on Tuesday for a similar ceremony at St Anne’s Cathedral. Finally he will go to Wales on Friday.

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