Could Stephen Byrne have been a minister? He responded to the rumours

Newly appointed French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal was betting on seeing the names that would form the new government. And there were many rumors about the candidates for the post of Culture Minister, which was finally bagged by Rachita Dathi. Among the names cited was patron and royalty expert Stephen Byrne.

During a press lunch organized in Paris, the French TV presenter responded to these speculations. “Unlike others, I didn't do anything to get my name out there. He explains to our colleagues 20 minutes. But he assures that the post was not given to him. “I would have resigned after five minutes, I would have said everything I thoughtHe jokes, I am not interested in politics.” The royalty expert adds that he disagrees.not at all” Such a record.

Stéphane Bern or Claire Chazal, soon to be Minister of Culture? Macron will seek “people” profiles for his new government…

But the president, known as a lover of French heritage, offered him a post. “Emmanuel Macron gave me a prestigious position, I cannot say which one in tradition. I said to him: 'Above all!' My job is to produce television. I like the relationship with the French and the people, and that doesn't lock me into an office, run a public company, or be in a ministry. I am very useful where I am”, explains the host. “This did not prevent them from engaging in politics to participate in city life. I took up a volunteer mission for heritage, agreeing to protect a certain number of values ​​- last week, I went to do a history masterclass in underprivileged neighborhoods. My fame allows me to give my time to humanity and habitat, the association of Les Petits Princes… I am free to do things for others that I would not be able to do if I accepted a position. Perhaps all presidents want this freedom”, he adds.

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Stephane Berne is said to be close to Emmanuel Macron and wants to reassert the truth about their relationship. “If I have a problem at 2 a.m., he's not the one I'm going to call. I was friends with all the presidents. I know Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, and that's the advantage of getting old. First of all, I'm friends with all the first ladies and I've hosted all their galas. All the yellow pieces by Bernadette Chirac were made by me, and now others have taken over.

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