MachineGames reveals the first look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle – Xbox Direct 2024

It's official: We've finally gotten our first look at the upcoming Indiana Jones game from Wolfenstein developer MachineGames: it's called Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and it's coming out later this year.

Our first real look at the game begins with Indy in a critical situation, buried up to his shoulders in the desert. Although we never see how he swings out of it, that's just the beginning of the trailer. Indy appears to closely resemble actor Harrison Ford, though voiced by Troy Baker, as he explores temples, tripes enemies with his signature whip, shoots Nazis, and finds secrets buried in tombs and behind statues. And yes, he has his signature whip, which he can use to fight, traverse, and distract.

We're told the game begins at Marshall College, and takes place between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. Indy hears a strange sound and follows it to find a large man stealing an artifact. His investigation into what is happening takes him to the Vatican, and later to other locations including Egypt and the Himalayas where he explores ancient sites to uncover the heart of the mystery.

MachineGames says The Great Circle is intended to be cinematic and action-packed, in keeping with the spirit of the films. They use a lot of stunt actors for very physical parts, and the gameplay mostly mixes first-person gameplay with occasional third-person moments when necessary for a more cinematic feel. The music is composed by Grammy-nominated Geordie Happ, who aims to capture the essence of John Williams' music.

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We also got a look at secondary protagonist Jenna, an investigative reporter with a personal stake in the mystery Indy is exploring, and cerebral villain Emmerich Vos, who is obsessed with manipulation and reason.

MachineGames first revealed its Indiana Jones effort back in January of 2021, and we've unfortunately seen nothing since. We've learned that it's being produced by Todd Howard in collaboration with Lucasfilm, and that while it was originally designed for a PS5 release, it will eventually be an Xbox console exclusive thanks to Xbox's acquisition of Zenimax. Last week, a fan revealed some hints that the game would be called Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and they turned out to be true, perhaps indicating that other trademarks introduced around the same time for the Galactic Circle and Circle of Resistance may appear in Some stage too.

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