Costco is making a change to self-checkout as part of its membership engagement crackdown

Costco is making it harder for non-members to shop at their warehouses as part of the company's latest effort to reduce membership participation. The retail giant has begun requiring photo ID from customers looking to use the self-checkout lane in hopes of deterring people from giving their membership card to non-members. According to CNN.

While Costco's long-standing policy is for customers to show ID when passing through regular checkout lanes, customers using self-checkout did not have to show ID. This has led to an increase in the number of non-members using member cards to access the store and get discounts even though they are not paying to belong to the club.

Customers must show a membership card at the door, but no ID is required to enter, meaning that once you're in, if you use self-checkout, no one will bother you again. Costco is in the midst of changing this policy, as it has begun testing a scanner that requires a membership card and photo ID in order to enter the store. The company believes this process will ultimately lead to a faster checkout process as no one will have to prove their membership once in line.

A Costco membership costs $60 per year for regular service, while the Executive Card can be purchased for $120 per year and comes with greater discounts than those offered to regular members. Once you're a member, you can share the account with someone else in your household, but not with anyone else. Members are allowed to bring two guests with them per visit as well.

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