COP 27: UN An incident between security forces and a member of the Egyptian parliament

The incident happened during a press conference to warn about the health of Egyptian protester Alaa Abdel Fattah, who is on a hunger strike.

Journalist in World Service

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hasLa Abdel Fattah stopped drinking 48 hours ago. So the days of the Egyptian political enemy are in danger. During a press conference organized on the sidelines of the ongoing COP 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, his sister Sana Seif warned of his condition: “We know they will be happy for him to die. They don’t want it to happen while the world is watching. But the world Watching,” he said, according to a British journalist on the spot.

During Sana Seif’s speech, a pro-regime MP tried to stop her from speaking and a member of the UN Security Force kicked her out of the room.

After Paris and London, the UN and Berlin are urging her to free Egypt’s most famous political prisoner. His hunger strike followed seven months of fasting. Egyptian-British, a symbol of the 2011 revolution in Egypt, was arrested in late 2019. He was later sentenced to five years in prison for spreading “false information” for reposting a text on Facebook accusing him of torturing a police officer.

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