Blue Monday: The day we want to hate

Ah, we are going to eat “Blue Monday” today and this Monday is going to be the most depressing day of the year and we are all going to be ugly, tired, failed, frustrated and in a bad mood.

All of this accumulated on the third Monday in January. An important date set in 2005 by Cliff Arnall (so-called), a professor at Cardiff University, when comparing parameters such as the weather, the post-holiday period, and Christmas expenses. Must be scientifically established. Ideally, an airline’s marketing captured it and since then, Mondays of January 3rd have been all black cats.

Even though Blue was advertised as a hoax on Monday, “Famous Wisdom” wants to believe it. U.S.A real sociological study of 340,000 Americans in 2012 focused on correlating the day and mood of the week. It shows that Friday is indeed a day when the mood (or morale) increases with the arrival of the weekend, and it is among men as well as women, young and retired alike. , Details Psychologist Nicholas Finan, Lecturer at UC Louvain and HE Vinci. On the other hand, from Monday to Thursday, the mood will not change: “The results recorded a positive mood swings, positive Or negative and overall loss of pleasure during those 4 days.

But where does this reluctance on Monday come from? “I will talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy here.”, Advances summary: Phrases like “Monday” will turn Monday into a “bad” day because Sunday evening is a little less anxious and less busy. When you’ve there, everything is the same as on Tuesday.

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About this satisfaction for everyone who talks about Blue Monday every year, the psychologist finds a very reason to be very sunny and post-holiday. If you think about our two yearsBorn from Govt, it’s very simple: overall, nothing is perfect! There, however, the answer to the perceived malaise is given to us on a plate. Many people are persuaded that there is a causal factor between what they feel and what is being said about the community as a whole.. All you have to do is look at Blue Monday with the idea that once this “rotten” day is over, everything will be all right!

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