Blizzard is hearing fans’ complaints about the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass slug

Genji appears from the shadows to fix Overwatch 2's battle pass.

picture: Blizzard

one of the most controversial about Monitoring 2 It’s been the beloved shooter’s transformation from a paid game into a free-to-play download powered by Battle Grind Cards. Blizzard now says it wants to address those concerns moving forward, leveling out game progress in future seasons so that players feel “more rewarding just to sit back and play.”

For Season 3 and beyond, we’re looking forward to a mix of Battle Pass changes, more interesting challenges to pursue, and more exciting gameplay-focused progression systems to get you all deeper into it. We’ll be able to talk about some of these changes shortly, but others may take a while. longer to install,” wrote recently hired Executive Producer Jared Neuss in the new update.

Meanwhile, the second season, which begins December 6th Ramatra addsEach new Custom Event will see its own unique skin that can be unlocked just by playing. twitch dropswhich allows players to access new cosmetics by watching their favorite cosmetics Monitoring 2 Streamers, will continue to be so. I don’t think this will immediately please the most outspoken of the game’s critics, but it is at least an acknowledgment that the status quo isn’t sustainable.

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Since the game launched, players have been frustrated with new heroes being locked behind the paid battle pass, the length of time it takes to rank it up, and high prices of all skins. The current situation even caused some players to crave loot boxes From the first match. And all this is exacerbated by broken personalities, deferred spotsand random glitches like the recent crash that kept some players out Unable to advance in ranked play.

Right now, Blizzard is working on giving support players more XP to motivate them to choose that role and help reduce waiting times. Monitoring 2 Currently also distributing Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko highlight intros for those who log on during certain time periods over the next week. Even a blizzard Cross aim assist turned on to console players in all modes except Competition because the alternative was a “bad experience”.

Players who stuck with us, players who came back, players who are now jumping in fun – thank you for playing! Monitoring 2We have an amazing community, and I hope that by being open about what we think about more, we can continue to grow together.”

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